Top 5 Ways to Re-Decorate Your Garden Perfect for the Summer

Every summer has its own story. It’s a season of bright colours and happy days. This summer, why not consider redecorating your garden and enjoy the beauty of the nature that you designed for yourself. Gardening is an art that needs proper guidance. Let’s redecorate your garden in few simple ways:

Start with Gardening

It’s important that you first plan how you want your garden to look like. Clean your garden and list your favourite flowers. It’s highly recommended that you choose bright colours apart from your personal favourite. For example, Penstemon palmeri or snapdragon is one of the beautiful and purposeful flowers that you can plant in your garden. They attract humming birds also. For a classy touch you can plant Eucomis Autumnalis or pineapple lily. You can also plan a theme of colours for your garden. This will give your garden a unique look as well.

Stones and stories for your garden

This is the place where you can show your creativity. Collect stones and paint them with bright colors like pink, yellow, green or fluorescent. You can place them in the corner of your flower bed for a unique look. They are trendy and easy to make also. You can make a small artifact using the stones or can draw pattern on it.

Revive the junks in your garden

You may have a big old tree in your garden. Not one but may be more. You can draw pattern on its trunk and paint them with bright colors, Else you can bring an old tire from your garage and make a swing using it.  Tie the tire with a rope and hang it from a branch of that big old tree. Don’t forget to paint it also. You can put flowers from creeper family inside that tire. That would definitely look beautiful. You can also use logs of dead trees to give a fine border to your garden. If there is any junk you can’t find a new use for, you can contact Essex rubbish clearance by CJL Services. They will remove all your junk and dispose of it safely.

Furnish with furniture

For an evening tea you can put few beautifully carved wooden chairs and tea table. That will give your garden a complete look. You can also place a portable medium wooden swing in your favorite corner of the garden. You can enjoy the evening breeze in the nature’s lap. For furnishing you can easily opt for replacement garden mirrors as such endeavors will make your garden decoration truly unique in terms of design.

Light up your garden.

This is optional but important if you have big trees and love spending your night in the garden. Decorate the big trees with LEDs. You can also put lanterns on trees if you have columned trees already. They give your garden a beautiful look and provides you with a beautiful ambience. You can also have a different set up for LEDs itself.

This summer try something new and redecorate your garden with different and unique ideas.

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