Top 5 Gadgets for Your Home

To make your life easier and far more efficient, here are some top useful gadgets to provide you with the finest experience.

Compact Security Cameras

These are highly efficient. For security purposes, this serves the best. They are compact in size and also very advanced when it comes to technology. Most of these give you cloud feature to store your recordings. Even if you do not subscribe to their plans, nest camera gives you alert if not recordings. You can also connect your phone with the camera and keep an eye on your house from anywhere simply by viewing in your phone. It is one of the best as well as important gadgets for your house.


These are equally important to keep your house temperature in control. Much like the dc current sensor from Powertek, the smart thermostats don’t only control your room temperatures but they also automatically adjust when you come home or go outside. They are affordable and include smart features. Some of them contain a smart lock facility that you can control via voice command.

Digital Locks

These are keyless locks that are highly efficient. They are convenient and reliable. You just need to punch a few code numbers before entering your house. Fingerprint locks are best choice for added ultra security. Now they can be controlled via your smart phone. They are compact and make the burglars stay away from your house.

Smart lights

Nowadays the LEDs are gaining not only popularity but high demands also. They are dim in nature as well as very eye soothing. Wireless hue lights are also in fashion. Best part about them is that the colours of the light can be changed. Compact in size they can change the ambience of your room according to your mood. They come with smart features that you can control with your smart phone and take the full control of the light and its intensity as well.

Robot that Mops your House

If you don’t have time to clean your house, you could rely upon this new and advanced gadget that automatically detects the dust and dirt and does the dusting for you. These vacuum cleaners are very compact in size and trendy to look at also.

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