Perfect checklist when decorating your home

Moving to your new home for the first time is a real contentment. Read this article for a perfect plan to transform your new empty house to a perfectly decorated home that you have always dreamt of. Here are some suggestions that can help you to decorate your home

Start with your bedroom

Your bedroom is the best place in your home where you spend maximum amount of time with your loved ones. If you have a huge budget then you can decorate your bedroom with a new bed, dressers with mirror, and a cabinet where you can keep a TV if required. If you are working on a small budget then you can just refurbish your old bed in a better way, put a new mattress, paint the walls of your room a bright color and hang some fragrant selling good looking curtains. Speaking of small budgets, you may be living in guardian housing from Global Guardians, so this advice will apply to you too. You can also hang some small family photographs or your own paintings on the walls with a bright and a dim light. This would transform your bedroom into your desired space.

Clean house at the old place

If you feel that your old house was loaded with unwanted stuff that you weren’t being able to discard, then this is the time. Discard all your old and unwanted accessories that would probably clutter up your new house. If the accessory is still usable, you can refurbish and same or replace it with a new furniture at a cheaper price. You can also view our shabby chic furniture that comprises of some of the best looking antique furniture, sofa sets, beds, dining and dressing tables and many more furniture. You can also move your old furniture into the attic if you do not feel like discarding the same. You can also try out a spring garage sell where you might find a good buyer for your old furniture

Take time in buying new things

Even if you would like to decorate your new home in the best possible way, take time to buy all your goods. Do not buy everything all at once. Start with the small things and one by one increase your budget and your accessories. Always keep to the budget, though you might feel like spending a little more. Spend minimum amount for your bathroom space and your kitchen at the beginning and slowly add on to them as and when you are ready. Spend more for your living room, dining room and bedroom and your home would look good. You should also take time to consider freeing up space, for example you could use a service such as Auto Vault Storage. Allowing you to free up room in your garage and use it for whatever you want!

Do not be a spendthrift

It is understood that this is your first home and you would love to decorate it. However, always control your urge to spend more money all at once. Whenever you visit a retail store, you would feel like buying everything all at once! Make sure that it fits your style, your requirements and your budget and consider discussing the same with your partner and then go ahead and purchase it.
Try and color your room brightly
If you feel that your home should look bright, then the s thing to do is color your rooms brightly so that it looks bright, large and airy. Try out colors like lemon yellow, light blue and peach on three walls and a dark contrasting color on one wall and that would look great. Follow these checklists for decorating your home and you surely would not ask for more.

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