Finding the Perfect Photocopier for Your Business

With a whole lot of photocopiers in the market today that come in various models, sizes, and features, finding one that could perfectly cater to one’s business needs can be a tough challenge. A photocopy machine is relatively expensive so one should to do careful research first before purchasing one to avoid wasting money.

Here are some points to consider in choosing a photocopier that is sure to give one his money’s worth:

  1. Consider the business need. Photocopiers come with all sorts of features and the more sophisticated it is, the pricier it gets. Thus, it is important to consider specific copy needs first before actually looking for prospect units so as to avoid buying an expensive unit with features that will not be used at all. The photocopier should be able to efficiently cater to the estimated volume of copies and speed of document reproduction that the business requires. One should hold back on added features such as color print, and functions such as fax, scan, and email if there is no need for those — now or in the future. However, for an expanding business where these features may be useful in the future, a multifunctional and compact photocopier is ideal and cost-effective.
  2. Choose the right supplier. One should get recommendations for a reputable supplier from family and colleagues. One can also search online and read reviews. An ideal supplier should be knowledgeable enough about the products to satisfactorily answer inquiries, and be able to assist in purchasing a unit that is suitable for the client’s needs. Salesmen often have their own recommendations, which is why it is important for one to have a clear idea of his specific needs and not be swayed into overpaying. Most suppliers will conduct demonstrations of their equipment. This is the best opportunity to see if the photocopier serves its purpose and if it has the potential to increase business productivity.
  3. Consider the cost. One should do side-by-side comparison of the features from a photocopier rental UK supplier, as well as the prices of several units before purchase. The running cost of supplies such as paper, ink, and toner should also be taken into account. Be clear about the service agreement with the supplier regarding additional costs such as installation and training, and maintenance and repair. If the purchase of a new photocopier proves to be beyond budget, one could opt to lease a unit instead for less cost and more flexible payment terms.

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