Different Types Of Service Metres

038DA316000005DC-0-image-24_1417025649859Ever since the service industry whether gas, electricity or water has provided nationwide service, the kwh meter was invented and are constantly developed in order to cater the consumers. And over the course of time, different types of service metres become available on the market. Here are the different types of service metres.

  1. Standard – standard metre is the classic metre which uses electromechanical induction as power passes through the metre. The revolution created will then be counted as the energy used by the consumer.
  2. Digital – digital metre is like viewing a calculator which the energy consumed is shown in a digital display. Depending on the digital metre, you can see different readings and increments. Some will display multiple readings at a time while others have buttons to switch on different readings.
  3. Dial – dial metre is composed of 6 dials which the reading of each dial from left to right will be the energy consumed.
  4. Economy 7 – there are places which categorize some people on Economy 7 tariffs. Economy 7 metres provide 2 types of readings which are day and night. In the case of electricity, night time rates are lower than daytime rates. Depending on the metre, it could display both readings at the same time or one at a time.
  5. Prepayment – prepayment is becoming a popular choice of service metre especially for apartments and flats since it allow consumers to pay in advance and use the corresponding energy instead of having to do an estimate of the consumption.
  6. Smart Metre – smart metre is also one of the latest service metres which directly send realistic reading to the service provider. This is time and cost efficient to the provider since they do not need to hire employees to go to their subscribers to manually read the consumption in every house. This prevents criminals to pose as employees of service providers trying to read energy consumption while planning to commit a crime in any household.

There are service metres which use multiple types of metre such as the famous combination of dial and standard metre. Prepayment and smart metres are also considered advanced type of digital metres. If you want to use a certain type of service metre, contact your service providerto know which type of service metre are available such as prepayment metre or smart metre. Some service companies will also recommend their consumers to switch to newer service metres in order to get accurate readings. Also inquire their transition policy as they might have great deals for switching to newer service metres.

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