6 Bathroom Conversions For Seniors

senior renovation

Growing old is the natural process of life cycle that every human being has to go through. The phase is quite vulnerable and threatening. Though the elders can fall prey to accidents anywhere and at any time yet their chance of getting hurt is the highest when they use washrooms. With some basic changes in the bathroom you can make the place more accommodating for your parents. The task might seem to be quite easy, but the case is totally different. In fact in order to make your arrangements 100% fool proof you need to take assistance from experts like Trinity Living who are into this profession for long.

Let’s see what changes in the bathroom would make things easier for your parents.

Tubs and shower stalls:
Almost every bathroom has a bathtub and/or a shower stall. Difficulty arises when elders steps out from the bathtub. One wrong step with a slippery feet and your parent is left on the floor with serious injuries. Walk-in tubs have garnered huge popularity now days. These particular tubs are designed with a door and a built in seat. Elders who uses a wheel chair or a walker gets benefited the most out of it.

Though shower stalls are safer for elders yet it comes with different kind of tripping risks. Shower stalls with shower barriers can be dangerous for you parents if their eye sight is poor or if they are not capable enough to raise their feet in order to cross the barrier. However installing shower stalls without barriers can be a great idea.

Grab bars:
Do consider installing grab bars around toilet seats and shower stalls, so that elders can easily move around by holding the bars. Enhance the benefit of the grab bars by installing them horizontally. Do not forget to place floor mats so that they can wipe their feet before stepping out from tub or shower stalls.

If your parents have issues in standing for long time during bath, help them by providing mobile shower seat. Install all the bathroom accessories at a level that are easily accessible to them.

Proper lighting:
With age the eye sight tends to get weaker. To combat this problem, ensure your bathroom has enough lighting so that your parents can view the whole bathroom very easily. It is always better to select light colors for the interiors of the bathroom and replace all the dull lights with bright lights.

Bigger knobs:
Conversions that you need to do are very simple. Your whole aim should be to make things easier for seniors. Elderly people always find it difficult to manage small components and knobs. So make sure your bathroom cabinets, bathroom doors are equipped with large and handy knobs. Bathroom lights should have wall switch that are big and simple enough to use.

Level of sink:
The level of the sink should be adjusted and installed in a height which would not only help you in comfortably using it but would also help any elders in wheel chair. The surface of the bathroom should also be skid proof so that there will not be any risk of slipping down.

Water temperature:
The water temperature in the bathroom should be always at 120 degree or lower that it. Elders tend to suffer from many medical disorders. Various neurological and other disorders might decrease their sense of feeling heat.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, so why to waste time? Get in touch with the right bathroom installation in essex and make safer conversions for your parents.

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