4 Easy, Fast And Affordable DIY Home Improvement Projects

Are you tired of how your home looks right now? Do you want to have some renovations done, improve some areas, change your home wallpapers, or even just add new furniture and accessories? However, do you not have the money to hire a professional to give you makeover ideas and to do the work for you? Well, worry no more! Here are some DIY affordable home projects that you can utilize for your home improvement needs. Just read on and pick up some new, very creative ideas.

Three Easy And Fast DIY Home Improvement Projects

If you want to do some home improvement projects on your own time and budget, here are some ideas for you to consider. They are easy to do, affordable, and most importantly, you can definitely do it on your own or ask your family to help you out for some quality family bonding time!

  1. Repair / Fit Cornice.  (http://ukplaster.com/acatalog/Plaster-Cornice-Mouldings.html)This is one of the simplest ways to add value to a room in your home. You can keep this very simple by using a plain small coving for the room or you can always go that little bit further and pick out a coving that is going to make the room that little bit more special. Once you have it purchased you can fit the stuff relatively easy yourself, but you might always want to hire the hand of a professional as at the end of the day they are the experts and will give you peace of mind. We have found a great guide for you to use form UK Plaster which gives you a step by step tutorial in fitting coving yourself, hope this helps.
  2. Repaint your walls. One of the simplest and quickest ways to improve, update or refresh the aesthetic beauty of your home is to paint or repaint its color! From changing the paint color of your exterior finish to repainting just a single room, painting is definitely a home improvement strategy that is both affordable and produces fast results. However aside from changing the appearance of your home, here are some other additional benefits that painting your home can bring.
    1. Improves curb appeal. When you repaint the exterior walls of your house, your trim or some other outside surface, the curb appeal of your home will definitely increase.
    2. Increases the value of your home. If you are planning to resell your home in the future, painting both your exterior and interior walls, trims and etc., can add to its total real estate value.
    3. It can hide permanent stains and marks. Do you have little children who decided that your home wall was a big drawing board and decided to vandalize it using permanent marker? Are there any big cracks in your home walls? Well, painting your exterior and interior walls, trims, and some other surfaces can help you cover some of these permanent stains, cracks and marks.
    4. It is the most affordable home improvement project. In this economy, starting home renovation projects does not come cheap. However when you paint/repaint your home, you are giving it a fresh look at a very affordable cost! In fact, for only $180-$200, you can already buy 6 gallons of paint!
  1. Using wallpapers. If you do not want to exert the effort to paint your walls and yet you still want to change how it looks, another option for you would be to use wallpapers. Wallpapers come in different colors and designs so you will really not run out of creative options. In fact, if you have not visited a retailer of wallpapers recently, you are definitely missing out! Due to its rise in popularity again, stores and retailers are expanding their offered wallpaper choices.

Also, keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to cover every inch of your wall with wallpaper. You can choose to just cover a single wall and that would do! Also if you want, if you have a room with a 4×4 dimension, you can choose to cover each side with different wallpaper – this really depends on your tastes and creativity. Using wallpapers can help you cover any stains, marks or cracks in your walls. It also saves you from the mess that painting can bring and it helps you save time that would otherwise be spent on drying paint. Wallpapers are fairly cheap and at only $122, you can buy a double roll of wallpaper!

  1. Rollouts in your kitchen. One of the quickest, easiest and most satisfactory upgrades that you can give your kitchen would be a kitchen rollout. If you are tired of having your kitchen utensils scattered all over the place, then adding a kitchen rollout will help you solve that problem. This will also help keep you safe within your own kitchen. Also, although you can easily buy moderately priced and study rollouts online or at Home Depot, why buy them when you can build it yourself? One of the biggest problems when buying ready-made rollouts is the size – after all, you might end up buying something that will not fit in your cabinet. However, when you build it yourself, you can easily solve that problem by carefully measuring your space and using those when building the rollout itself.

Here are some quick instructions in creating your very own kitchen rollouts:

  1. Determine the exact dimension and size. Make sure that you carefully plan the width of your rollout. Also, make sure that you carefully measure the space you plan to place it in.
  2. Carefully choose the materials. In choosing the materials for your rollout, consider what kitchen utensils you will most likely place in it. However, as a suggestion, you should consider any ¾ inch of interior veneered plywood. As much as possible, avoid using construction plywood since it is not as flat and it could warp later on. However, if you would like your rollout to match your present cabinets, choose whatever type of wood or material that gets the job done. Also, make sure to buy the other materials and tools needed like clamps, screwdrivers, hacksaw, sandpaper and etc.
  3. Cut and assemble the box parts. Once you already have the materials you need, carefully cut out the parts exactly to the measurements that you made. Be careful and be precise when you cut out the parts. Also, make sure that you leave an extra 1-inch clearance, which will be needed for the slides in the drawer. Also, be very mindful when you place the cleats – make sure that you measure the openings and cut out the rollout parts.

Now, after precisely cutting up the parts, assemble them. You can easily assemble the different box parts by nailing and gluing all of the four sides to the panel in the back and to each other. Also, make sure that you nail the lip to the shelf bottom before you assemble it.

  1. Attach the slides to the cleats. Once you have assembled the box itself, attach the slides to the cleats. Carefully position each of the slides, level to the top and front of the cleat.

These are just three simple DIY home improvement projects that you can do. All three of these projects are easy, fast and very cost-effective, so make sure to consider them now! If you happen to have a bit more money to spend, consider getting a new kitchen worktop, surrey to give your kitchen a fresh and professional new look

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